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Toshi is a 2 year-old boy who was found on the street, hit by a car. After a medical examination, it was found that the bone of his leg was absolutely broken into pieces and with severely damaged tendons. A long and complicated surgery was performed, which fortunately saved his leg from amputation. Toshi is currently recovering under the care of the qualified staff of Love for Love. A second operation was performed to remove the metal implants from his leg. Toshi is very social, playful and extremely kind. After his complete recovery, he is fully ready for adoption. Support Toshi and dogs like him today, who are in desperate and urgent need, so they can be taken care of until their complete recovery and be prepared  to move to their forever homes. With your kind support, we will be able to change and rewrite the destiny of sick and injured dogs that deserve to be loved.



Sibir is a 4year-old boy, one of our leaders. He came to our shelter a year ago, abandoned by his owners. Sibir lived and grew up at home and his survival on the street was going to be absolutely impossible. He was very distant and extremely sad at the beginning, but eventually he came out of his shell, starting to show the first signs of improvement. Sibir is feeling much better now, confident and ready to regain his broken trust in people. We believe in the happy ending of his story and we know that very soon he will be fully ready for adoption. Support Sibir  and dogs like him that are cruelly abandoned by their owners to provide them with comfort and adequate care until they are completely ready to give you their love forever. With your kind support, we can give a chance for a new life to Sibir and hundreds of others like him.



Dedy is a boy of about 4 years. We found him a while ago, thrown and abandoned on the outskirts of the city, very scared and helpless. A medical examination revealed that Dedy unfortunately had impaired vision and hearing as a result of an untreated illness. Dedy is an extremely loving and friendly. It only took him a few days to show his character and adorable personality. He loves to walk a lot, seeks attention and contact with people and enjoys the company of children. We deeply hope that Dedy will be able to find a new home very soon, because this boy was created to spread joy, love and happiness. Support Dedy and dogs like him, abandoned and with physical disabilities, who definitely  cannot survive on their own. They need daily care and treatment. And because of the support of donors like you, we will be able to provide it for them.



Ciko is one of our top senior dogs, the queen of our shelter. She is about 13 years old and she has been living in “Love for love” for a couple of years so far. Her story is really touching. She was abandoned and left behind in front of our door shelter in very bad condition. She had missing hair and bald spots all over her body, not willing to socialize and so detached. We don't really know what has happened to this girl, but we have decided to fight for her. She spent almost a year isolating herself, not willing to communicate with other animals or people around. Luckily she started to open up a bit and we have managed to treat her skin condition completely. Ciko is feeling very much comfortable now in her place, she is being taken care of and we are providing for her the necessary medical assistance when needed. She likes to observe everything around and our biggest reward is her smile and happiness. Please support senior dogs like Ciko, who were abandoned, suffering, isolated and sick, so we can provide them with the best care and the necessary medical assistance. Most of them unfortunately are having slim chances of adoption. With your support, we will be able to give a new chances for senior dogs like Ciko.



Tornado was found in the dog house of our shelter, left behind and all alone. For the same reason we didn't know what had happened to him and why he was abandoned. Noone asked about him and we didn't get any other information regarding his case and condition since then.

With the time and after observation we have discovered his right leg lameness, as well as that sometimes he would prefer to lay down and rest during the day. We realized that he was in pain, which we managed to control somehow with pain killers. Since his condition was getting worse and his response to treatment inadequate, we have decided to take a second opinion as well. Tornado was diagnosed with severe muscle wastage in the right tight, severe bilateral hip dysplasia and dorso cranial luxation, as well as the cranial cruciate ligament of the right stifle was ruptured. As per the Dr recommendation, Tornado has to undergo 3 surgeries, including right and left femoral head resection. So far Tornado has undergone the first surgery on 11.10.2021 for restoration of stability of the right stifles. Lateral suture  for stabilization of torn cranial cruciate ligaments of the right knee was made. According to the official medical report the expected quality of life for Tornado is from very good to excellent and he is expected to be completely recovered in a couple of months, taking into consideration that Tornado is still very young and his medical condition is still treatable.

We would like to thank our long term and respected partner Bernd Stephan Animal welfare foundation

 for supporting our shelter.

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Greater Goood Charities

for making Tornado’s treatment possible by awarding our Organization with an emergency medical grant which will cover the estimated cost of his treatment.

Thank you all for giving a second chance to Tornado and for all that you do for the animals!



Sivushka is a very calm and lovely dog, about 2 years old. She came to our shelter a couple of months ago, she was hit by a car and she had undergone a surgery. Most probably she will have to go for a second surgery as it was discovered that she has an obvious pain and she is not able to use her operated leg. We are hoping that Sivushka will recover very soon and she will be able to run and play again. Please support Sivushka and many like her,  who are in pain and they need their second chance, so as soon as they recover they will be able to depart to their forever homes. Thank you for you kindness!



Kimo's story is not very long, but fortunately with a happy ending. This 6-year-old naughty boy got into "Love for Love" to be saved from the horror in which he lived before - neglected, hungry and harassed. Despite the extreme conditions in which he lived, Kimo did not stop smiling and became close very quickly with his friends at the shelter. We are happy and very pleased to announce, that Kimo has left for his new home in Germany, and our hearts are filled with joy and happiness for the happy ending of our sunny boy. We miss you now, Kimo!

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We are thrilled to announce that Love for Love has been awarded with a grant from SPCA International at the end of April. The grant has been assigned to our year round TNR program, which is dedicated to our main mission to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats in the local community and their sufferings. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with SPCA International, for their trust and support, which will give us the chance to sterilize even more stray dogs and cats in the month of May, as well as to help more animals in need. Every bit counts and together we can make a Difference. Thank you once again for all that you do for the Animals!

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Tornado's second surgery ( Right Femoral Head Resection) went successfully. He is recovering at the shelter and we are all hoping for his complete recovery. Thank you once again to the Greater Good Charities Organization

 for giving Tornado a second chance to run and play again.

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For another year, Mars Incorporated in Bulgaria showed their kindness to the pets from Love for Love - Animal shelter and Association in the city of Dobrich with a generous donation of 1500 kg of dry food with the Pedigree brand. 

 Quality and complete food is extremely important for building and maintaining the good health of animals and the balance in their organism.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the extraordinary gesture to our pets at the shelter. Thank you for contributing to the cause of relieving the suffering of homeless and abandoned animals in Bulgaria, as well as to the Global Mission - to build a better World for them. 

“ A better World for Pets also means a more sustainable World for Pets, People and the Planet❤️”

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The negative impact of the War and very limited resources recently has left the streets of Dobrich and vicinity in Bulgaria with a lot of stray dogs and cats. We are extremely proud to announce our joint project with SPCA International for a second consecutive year, aiming to reduce the population of stray animals and their suffering through the most efective, sustainable and humane  solution - Castration. We have received the grant awarded in February - in honor of SPCAI’s Spay/ Neuter Awareness month. The entire team of Love for Love is working very hard on this project and we can not wait to share the positive impact very soon. Thank you SPCAI for your support and recognition!

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We are trilled to announce the successful completion of our second joint TNR campaign with SPCA International at the end of March, 2023. 164 dogs and cats were sterilised in one month of which 120 cats and 44 dogs - ( 118 females and 46 males), aiming to reduce the population of stray animals in Dobrich and rural Municipalities, also the negative impact of the war and growing population of stray animals in Bulgaria. Thank you SPCAI for supporting our mission and goals! United for stray Animals! 

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