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We, in Love for Love Organization, deeply believe in the need for a Society free from prejudice, a Society, in which animal rights are respected and in which murders, violence and inhumane treatment are not allowed or tolerated.
The example we will give future generations today begins from us and will be decisive for the development of our civil society and civil conscience.
We are here to make the change, making decisive steps every day to the desired Society, which will share collective World responsibility for equality, compassion, responsibility and humaneness to homeless, injured, sick and abandoned animals.



The worldwide population of domestic dogs is estimated at approximately 700 million and 75% of them are classified as “free-roaming” and they are falling into the category of unowed strays.

 Wherever free-roaming dogs and cats exist in high densities, there are significant implications for public health, as well as the animal welfare. There are few approaches to manage their population, which mainly includes fertility control and sheltering. Highlighting the effectiveness of each of these interventions is important in guiding future dogs and cats population.

Free-roaming animals mostly experience poor health and welfare conditions. In particular, unowned free-roaming dogs and cats may have an inadequate diet and a high exposure to starvation and dehydration. Furthermore, they can still be dependent on humans for resources, either directly through feeding or indirectly through the provision of food in human waste. In addition, most of them have never received veterinary care, including vaccination and antiparasitics. Additional health and welfare risks to free-roaming dogs and cats, include injury caused by road traffic accidents, abusive treatment by locals and inhumane methods of managing their population.

Here, at Love for Love we understand the importance of managing the stray dogs and cats population and we are working very hard on it on a daily basis to improve the quality of their life, as well as  making sure their rights are being taken under consideration. We are working on few main directions, which includes reducing the number of free roaming dogs and cats in long term through “Neuter and return” program, increasing awareness of responsible ownership practices, improving the health of stray animals, as well as focusing on public education of responsible ownership and taxation of dog and cat ownership and animal welfare.

Through our support services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Love for Love and a source of much success for our Organization and the shelter. Get in touch with us today and see how you can

lend a helping hand with this program.



Based on our main priority of work for managing and balancing the stray animals population, we are openly and enthusiastically working in collaboration with rural municipalities in this regard. Please, do not hesitate to contact us in case of future inquiries, related to the “Neuter and return” program. We are here to help you and your aim is our priority, as well.



Our senior dogs are our treasure. Senior dogs have always had a special place in our Organization’s policy. This is why, besides our major priority of stray animals population management, we are always dedicating space and extra efforts for the homeless senior stray dogs. Most of the time they are victims of our own mistakes, abandoned and left alone on the street to die, because they are no longer”useful” for us. They might require an urgent medical assistance, surgery, special kind of food and quiet and comfortable place to rest. This is why in Love for Love we have a dedicated space for those in need and we are always there for them. We can not leave them on the streets, where most probably,  they won't survive. Senior stray  dogs are dogs without an alternative and if nobody is taking care of them, we will. As we are hoping to provide for them a better quality of life and loads of love. Last but not least, we need your support in this regard, so we can give them the opportunity to live out their lives in peace and in a home or place, where they will be truly cherished.



Sustainability's major focus is always on balancing our own needs and those of future generations, capturing 4 pillars: human, social, economic and environmental. Essential part of environmental sustainability is the capacity for humans to make changes that do not negatively impact the environment and the ecosystem. Having said that, stray animals welfare and animal welfare in general are closely related to many aspects of sustainability, and especially environmental sustainability. Animal welfare issues are leading us to sustainability, because improvement of both are viewed as progrressive and positive practice.Our Organization is insisting on keeping a clean and healthy environment and the balance of nature, which will provide a safe, hazard free and clean environment for our dogs and cats and especially for stray animals, who are already exposed to risk and danger. It is our collective responsibility to clean the environment and protect the Planet from further environmental degradation.

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